A short list of some of our members.


Dean Kalyan Dean Kalyan Photography, guitar, video. Film + Video, Music, Photography
Brina Brina World Roots Reggae Singer Film + Video, Fine Arts, Music, Performance, Written Word
Peter Harris Peter Harris Web design and development, video production, electronica and half dozen other art forms. Design, Film + Video, Fine Arts, Music, Performance, Written Word
CharlieKirby CharlieKirby Film/TV editor, Guitar, Photography Film + Video, Music, Photography
Kieran C Murray Kieran C Murray Music Production, Bass Guitar, Songwriting, Sound Engineering, Vocal Production, Guitar. Design, Film + Video, Music, Performance, Written Word
Kimberly Miguel Mullen Kimberly Miguel Mullen AfroCaribbean - AfroCuban - AfroBrazilian Dance / Ethnology (research) / Instruction / Lecturing / Performing / Producing Performances - Events - Workshops - Classes - Retreats / Choreography / Traveling / Training / Marketing Film + Video, Fine Arts, Music, Performance, Photography
Javad Luckey Poetry/Spoken Word/Hip-Hop (writing and performing), Instrumental Hip-Hop beats (producing) Children's Stories (writing), Fantasy/Sci-Fi (writing) Music, Performance, Written Word
Mike Rizzo Mike Rizzo Film editing, directing, writing, knowledge and experience in film & digital cameras production. Focusing on editing commercials, films and music videos. Film + Video
Randi Parkhurst Randi Parkhurst Book arts and paper arts instructor Designer and engineer of paper objects/sculpture Fine Arts