Redesigned Welcome Page

We’ve been so busy working on launching the streaming music cooperative Resonate that updates to cre8tives has been… a little on the back burner. Doesn’t mean we’ve lost interest! On the contrary, the futures of both projects may be nicely intertwined. That said, very pleased to introduce our simplified welcome page which has a few key quick […]

Typography Tips

If you’re using one of our original themes, one special option that you may not have fully explored is typography. For instance, almost all of the themes we designed feature fonts from Adobe’s Typekit service. There’s just a small catch… doing a full integration inside WordPress – where you could easily pick and choose whatever […]

Theme Tutorials

Here are some links to various tutorials… For all cre8tives-designed themes, we have just started a new tutorials section. Just a few tips at the moment, but we’re happy to write something specific for you, so let us know what you want to learn! (For anyone in a hurry you can visit the Make documentation […]

How to Create Your Own Social Media Hub Mini-Site

Social media blah blah blah. What was once a curious novelty has now become a necessary function of modern life. Love ’em or hate ’em… the (nearly) endless social channels are here to stay. Switching back and forth between all these different tabs and apps can be really tiresome. What if you could bring all of […]

Design Your WordPress Site Using Drag n Drop

We’re very excited that we discovered this new drag and drop theme designer for WordPress, built (and offered for free) by Themify. It’s called Flow and from what we’ve seen, it looks pretty hot. The core code is fully responsive, so no matter what you design, it will work on mobiles and tablets. With instant […]

From Beta to Alpha

cre8tives officially moves from Beta to Alpha today, with the release of a new homepage and clarified mission – focus on the core offering as a WordPress-website builder. As web developers, we often get so used to staring at things, that we no longer see them. The forest for the trees of web development! While the […]

Online Image Editing

If you don’t have Photoshop and need to quickly edit some images for your site, Pixlr is your new best friend. Edit your photos for headers, featured images, icons or more.

Sharing on Facebook

Sharing content on Facebook, while seemingly such an ordinary event, can actually be a bit complicated technically. Partly because you need to do some specific formatting on your site and partly because Facebook itself is consistently buggy in this regard. Two major things to focus on: Formatting Your Content If you don’t have the WordPress SEO […]

10 New Template Designs

Excited to announce the arrival of 10 brand new, original designs, available exclusively through our WordPress hosting service. All designs feature an easy to use page builder, flexible multimedia options, 600+ fonts, plus numerous color and image customizations. [metaslider id=2710] The new themes will be available in cre8tives member accounts shortly and a full range […]

Sharing Your News on cre8tives

If you’re a cre8tives site member and would like to share your news updates (promoting your work, events, latest releases, etc) we would love to publish your content on our members stories page! It’s super easy… in your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts and write something new click the category box called “share to cre8tives” on the right […]