Online Image Editing

If you don’t have Photoshop and need to quickly edit some images for your site, Pixlr is your new best friend. Edit your photos for headers, featured images, icons or more.

Designing a New Vision of Sustainability

“Sustainability is like teenage sex… everyone says they’re doing it, but no one really is.” Enter Open State – an loose-knit organization of designers, scientists, engineers, marketers and a half dozen other disciplines in between.

The Numbers Are Growing

The cultural creatives segment grew out of the 60’s cultural revolution, which broke off from the dominant Modern/Traditionalist groups that had reached an even 50/50 split by the end of World War Two.

The Third Industrial Revolution

The “Third Industrial Revolution” (in which diminishing costs will hit the transportation, production and energy sectors) is coming. The cultural creatives are getting busy.

Book Review: Russell Brand’s Revolution

At first glance, maybe jaded cynicism. Possibly guarded optimism and longing. All these feelings and more. While it’s usually sound advice, in this instance however, feel free to judge this book by its cover.

Quick Exit for the Super Rich?

“I know hedge fund managers all over the world are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.” Quick exit for the super rich?

Mindfulness Lite

The headline flickered somewhere across my screen – “How the 1 percent is hijacking mindfulness.” Hmmm, scarrrry. When I first heard that Jon Kabat-Zinn was doing mindfulness courses at Google…