Single Release From World Roots Reggae Singer Brina

Global Digital Release of world Roots Reggae Singer Brina’s Debut Double A Side Single.


Tribal Global Records & Productions is pleased to Announce the Global Digital Release of Brina’s debut single, the single is a double A side, 2 songs at once: “Listen” and “Real Reggae Music.” Taken from her upcoming debut album. It is now available to download at the major online retailers such as:

iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster and 7 Digital, with many more to follow.

Itunes link:

All other links are on Brina’s Website at

It is also available to download from Bandcamp at:

For a limited time it is available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’ which can be any amount from $0 upwards.

This global release marks a momentous progression in the development of this talented singer-songwriter’s career. The song “Listen” is sure to become another reggae one-drop classic.  The catchy melody and lyrics call us to listen to the global heartbeat of mankind as we celebrate our unity in diversity while “Real Reggae Music” goes back to the heart of roots rock reggae, with a powerful message calling on Jamaicans, Africans, Americans and all world citizens, to “get rid of these walls in our minds,” and to “tear down these walls that divide” – a timely song both internationally and in Jamaica.


Brina has been gaining airplay both in Jamaica and in the UK, and also around the world with these two songs. She is currently in the UK promoting her music, and recently opened for Jamaican legends ‘The Mighty Diamonds’ and Mento veterans ‘The Jolly Boys’ on their UK tours.

As a new voice of World Roots Reggae Music from Jamaica, Brina is a breath of fresh air. Conscious of bringing a positive, healing message to the world, the lyrics in her songs speak of justice and equality, liberation, oneness and love. With legends such as Toots Hibbert and Sly Dunbar featured on Brina’s upcoming debut album, she is aiming to put positive roots reggae music with a spiritual message back on the world map. She is an artiste with a commanding stage presence and a powerful voice, who comes alive in front of a microphone. When she steps in front of an audience and sings, people listen.

Brina has spent many months in the studio recording tracks for her full-length album, which draws on and fuses together elements of her rich musical and cultural heritage such as Reggae and Nyabinghi with other musical styles from around the globe and the African Diaspora. Produced by Kieran C. Murray for Tribal Global Productions and recorded in Kingston, this album includes contributions from some of Jamaica’s finest musicians, such as the legendary Toots Hibbert providing guest vocals on one track Sly Dunbar Jubba White (from Dubtonic Kru) on drums, Rupert Bent Jr. and Omar Francis on guitars, Michael ‘Ibo’ Cooper – co founder of Third World, Sheldon Bernard, Stephen Maxwell and Jerome Tulloch on pianos and keyboards, Dean Fraser Nambo Robinson and Dwight Richards on Horns, Calvin Mitchel and Supersad on hand drums and Kieran C. Murray on Bass Guitar. From other corners of the globe John Barnes III was integral in vocal production. Guitarist/Producer J. B. Eckl (Santana, War) plays some wicked guitar.  The renowned Afro-Caribbean drummer Istvan Dely from Columbia plays percussions, Paul Gonzales from Texas adds some Latin funk flavours on drums. All lend an international flavour that exemplifies Brina’s mission of using music to express unity in diversity.

Born and Raised in rural Jamaica, Brina grew up with music, singing with her familly, in the Church, in school, and touring all over Jamaica in gospel shows with her sister as The Ward Sisters. Upon leaving High School, she enroled at Edna Manley’s School of Art, but, after two years as an art student, she found the calling of music too strong to deny and transfered to the School Of Music. During her time at Edna Manly, Brina also worked as a background singer, sharing the stage with Reggae Artistes such as Prily Hamilton, Abijah, Coco Tea, Len Hammond, Althea Hewitt and Prophecy,

With the release of her debut double A side single and upcoming album, Brina is now poised to take her music ‘to di world’ she is aware that music, a universal language which crosses all borders, is a powerful force that, when used for good, will help actualize the oneness of the whole human race.

Brina says, “My songs come alive on stage, and my music is for anyone who will listen. As I strive to help carry forward our ever-advancing civilization and spread the message of oneness unity and equality, using the world as my stage to bring people together, I am conscious of being part of a global musical movement that sings songs about real issues, songs that will uplift the spirit.”

Brina’s full length debut album will be released in the near future, and fans are encouraged to visit Brina’s website, which provides everything you could want to know about her, including her Bio, photos, live performance videos, and pre-release snippets of songs from the upcoming album.  There are also links to Brina’s Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube and Blog sites.

Brina’s Montage Video for ‘Listen

Brina’s Montage Video for ‘Real Reggae Music