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  • AfroCaribe Dance Class 2015 Tour

    Dance ethnologist Kimberly Miguel Mullen has announce her 2015 AfroCaribe Dance Class tour. While most classes are happening in California and the southwest, Kimberly is excited to add some new locations around the world as well… including Guam, Bali and Germany.
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  • I Can’t Breathe

    At the end of 2014, a group of musicians joined forces to record a new composition written in response to on-going racial injustices happening across the USA, including the recent deaths of people of color at the hands of law enforcement.
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  • New Reel From Kalyan Studios

    The father-son team of Dean and Zia Kalyan have released there new video reel and we think it’s fab! The Kalyan’s are located on Canada’s Vancouver Island, so expect to see some luscious footage in the compilation reel below:
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  • The Sharing Bros – Episodes 1+2

    The Sharing Bros are taking a 21,000Km journey across the American continent using only the Collaborative Economy –  could it be possible? Check out the first episode of the six month adventure which will take you from Vancouver to Salvador de Bahia! Episode Two The Brothers make it to San Francisco, interviewing founders from Couchsurfing […]
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  • Tolerance

    Cre8tives members JB Eckl and Dean Kalyan produced this deliciously fun (and funky!) video.
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  • An Infinity of Patience

    As creatives, we are often asked of our art for patience. Patience to learn, practice, create, perfect and then start the process all over again.
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  • The Amazing Trevor Miracles (Mike Rizzo)

    Just to bluntly and boldly, once and for all confirm that this site isn’t all about serious, weighty, all-important, big picture topics… we present one of our heroes, the Amazing Trevor Miracles.
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  • New Reel from Kalyan Studios

    Highlight Reel of some of the video projects Zia and I have been working on this past year.
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  • Brina Meets One Of Her Musical Inspirations, Angelie Kidjo

    Brina, Angelique Kidjo and Dianne Reeves
    On Tuesday Night I cried. Do you want to know why ? After throwing a small surprise Birthday party form my husband the week before he returned the favour in taking me on a “surprise date”. Little did I know we were going to see Agélique Kidjo, Lizz Wright and Dianne Reeves perform live at […]
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  • Single Release From World Roots Reggae Singer Brina

    Global Digital Release of world Roots Reggae Singer Brina’s Debut Double A Side Single. Tribal Global Records & Productions is pleased to Announce the Global Digital Release of Brina’s debut single, the single is a double A side, 2 songs at once: “Listen” and “Real Reggae Music.” Taken from her upcoming debut album. It is […]
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