How to Create Your Own Social Media Hub

Build a Social Wall Mini-Site in Just a Few Minutes

  • Ever wanted to have the content from all of your social media sites in one place?
  • Want to follow a particular person through all of their various social channels?

Using WordPress, it’s fairly easy to set up.

We’ll show you how to set up your own personal social wall using a free cre8tives mini-site. (If you already have your own WordPress site, you can skip to step four.)


Pick a Theme

We have a bunch of original themes to choose from, all of which are highly customizable.

If you want a minimal design for your social wall, skip this step.


Sign Up

This will just take a few seconds and you can immediately continue with the tutorial.

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Create Your Site

The link below will launch a new window where you can create a mini-site to host your social wall. You can choose one of the themes from our gallery, or skip that step and choose one later.

NOTE: it is best to choose the “naked” version of the theme you prefer as the regular versions load in extra content.


Choose a Plugin

We’ve reviewed all of the WordPress plugins for social walls and found that these are the best two available – TwineSocial and Juicer. The main differences between them are the available social services and minor design/interface qualities.

BOTH plugins require creating accounts with their services. We have a hunch as to why… social services like Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing the ways their system can be used by third parties, so we’re guessing that they’ve decided the best way to manage this problem is by creating a central service where they can provide updates more efficiently.

You may end up trying out both plugins to see what fits best. For now, follow your intuition and go from there.

(Juicer has a few more social media options than Twine.)


Install Your Plugin

For either plugin, visit your cre8tives dashboard. Find the MySites link in the bar up above to access your dashboard. (You may need to refresh this page first.) If you’re not using a cre8tives site, simply install your preferred plugin in your dashboard.


Once in the dashboard, go to the Plugins section.


Search for your plugin in the search box on the top right of the Plugins section.


Activate the plugin you chose.


Set Up Your Social Wall Plugin

With Juicer you’ll manage all of your social settings on their site. Visit to learn more.

If you chose Twine, then look for their logo in your Dashboard menu on the lower left side:


From there you can register your Twine account and manage your social media settings.


Add Your Shortcode to a Page

Both plugins use shortcodes to display your social wall. Here are the super quick steps involved:

  1. create a new Page (clicking on the Pages menu item in your dashboard)
  2. under the Page Attributes box on the right, choose Full Width as the template
  3. paste in your shortcode and click the blue Publish button on the top right
  4. go to Settings > Reading on the far left hand menu and choose the page you just created from the Front Page dropdown menu (making sure to click “a static page” of course) and click the blue Save Changes button

Each of the plugins has different display options. Instead of repeating their instructions here, we suggest you visit these links for more info:


Share Your Wall!

That’s basically all there is to it. All that’s left is to share your wall with your friends!

Of course, we may have left some minor details out, so if you get stuck, post a comment below and we’ll try to help out.

NOTE: You’re certainly not limited to building a social wall. With your new cre8tives mini-site you can use it as a blog, portfolio, or just about anything else you can imagine!

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