Typography Tips

If you’re using one of our original themes, one special option that you may not have fully explored is typography.

For instance, almost all of the themes we designed feature fonts from Adobe’s Typekit service.

There’s just a small catch… doing a full integration inside WordPress – where you could easily pick and choose whatever font you want – is not fully possible until we’ve got an extra few thousand dollars lying around. (That’s the cost of getting a special developer license that would allow us to import their fonts instantly.)

So for now, if you’d like to use some special fonts from Typekit, here are the steps:

  1. create a free TypeKit account
  2. find your fonts and add them to a kit
  3. enter your kit ID into your theme*
  4. click the load fonts button
  5. try out a few until you’re settled
  6. email us the names of the fonts and weights you want to use
  7. we’ll create a kit for you and add it to your theme
  8. you’ll save $50 a year :-)

Google Fonts

If you want to try out fonts more instantly, you can off course use the Google Fonts options already built in to the theme customizer panel. We suggest popping open a new tab in your browser, where you can scan and sort through the options faster. It’s a lot easier to filter on their site and see what each font looks like before adding it to your site.

More Details

If you’re not using one of our themes, chances are you already have Google fonts integrated in your theme. If you don’t and need further assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*Do this under Appearance > Customizer > Typography > Typekit. There’s a little box to enter your ID code and click the load fonts button:


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